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Using Sports To Teach Children How To Hate!

In boston, sports, TV, writing on 10/16/2012 at 17:15

I remember the chant dimly, a Red Sox/Orioles game when I was seven or eight years old. It didn’t seem odd, or menacing, just slightly out of place. A few months later, when my parents took me and my brother to a taping off WWF Thursday Night Smackdown, it erupted again. Finally, when it burst out randomly in Faneuil Hall one evening, I had to ask. “Dad, why do people yell ‘Yankees suck’ all the time, even when no Yankees are around to hear it?”

I can’t remember my dad’s exact response, but it went something along the lines of this: those people are idiots, that chant is senseless, and it’s embarrassing that Red Sox fans–and Boston citizens in general–took it up as an unofficial slogan.

While it’s a regional example, the “Yankees suck” chant is an example of how we can all learn a lesson between uneducated hatred and spirited competition.

Do they!?

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LLWS: Where to draw the line?

In sports, writing on 08/20/2012 at 12:41

As I predicted, with the Olympics and Shark Week having fully run their courses, summer TV hit a real rut; shows that started in May/June have wrapped up, new seasons don’t begin for a month at least, and my preview HBO subscription has run out!

Which leaves us with one of the more peculiar American traditions: the Little League World Series.


Founded in 1947, LLWS is not a cultural flash in the pan, but an institution that rivals the Olympics in American history and crushes Shark Week by a cool 40 years. But the intensity with which the tournament is covered, along with the increasingly globalized competition, makes one wonder if maybe Little League baseball has gotten too big for the little kids who play it. Read the rest of this entry »