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10 Great Live Action Disney Movies from the 90s

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Retro TV: “Boy Meets World” Season 3

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The dog days of summer are on us, and while the Olympics and Shark Week have us glued to our TV sets, secondary viewing options are slim pickings. And so let us step inside the Wayback machine, travel to the pleasant days of yesteryear, and dust off a TGIF classic.

Today we look at the season three set of “Boy Meets World,” which originally aired 1995-1996. With twenty-two episodes over three discs, season three of “Boy Meets World,” in many ways, represents the golden era of the beloved 90’s comedy, with the characters floating between the irreverently written episodes covering sixth and seventh grade, and the often over-the-top college years.

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TOP 10 THURSDAY: 10 TV Comedies, 1990-2009

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Let’s count down the funniest shows on TV the past two decades.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This list was obviously not proofed correctly as it omits STELLA, perhaps the funniest show in all of existence. “Stella” will get an article all its own in the coming days.

10. Boy Meets World (1993-2000)
I almost gave this spot to “Fresh Prince” on account of Will Smith’s acting chops far outshining anyone on “Boy Meets World,” which devolves into the sappiest of sap at times, but the strengths of the TGIF stalwart proved too much.

The first few seasons of BMW is childhood-based comedy gold. Ben Savage is by far at his most likeable when he’s in the fourth grade, as are all his classmates. It’s the evolution of Eric from teen heart throb to mentally challenged chubster that sees this 90s classic through its toughest of times, providing one of the comedic turns of the decade. Read the rest of this entry »