Roger. Literary Magazine Volume 5 as an editor of fiction.

Short story “Manhunt & Moonmen” at Story DJ

The Poet’s Word anthology featuring “Contents of the Dead Writer’s Desktop”

Top 10 Stoner Movies That Have Nothing To Do With Weed

Boston Celtics articles at Sports of Boston

Parks and Rec and Louie reviews at LA Family.

NBCs Bold Leap To Broad Comedy John Isner Advances for ESE Marketing.

First-prize Winner of the Billy Collins Poetry Contest for “The Pilot Whale”

Killerat Eunoia Review A short story.

Winding Down the Month of June” on My Word Wizard. A love poem.

FORTHCOMING: “The Last Song of Old Arcadia: Volume I – Episode I” at Figment An epic, serialized fantasy story. Mid-summer. View the pitch-in-progress here.

FORTHCOMING: “The Perambulating Library” A poem, with Red Bridge Press. Fall ’13.

Not mine own

The Ultimate Oral History of Wet Hot American Summer

One of the greatest comedies ever filmed, this a titanic interview featuring every actor from the film telling stories of that wet, hot American summer. Great for fans of the movie or anyone interested in film

Worm World Saga
This is a cool animation/moving comic. The future of YA publishing.

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