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First Words 24: To Kill a Mockingbird

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Source: First Words 24: To Kill a Mockingbird

First Words 24: To Kill a Mockingbird

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A throwback to a legendary writer, rest easy Ms. Lee.

The Flower Addict

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Read now: “The Flower Addict”

Eunoia Review

The metal schema showed under the white nursery sheet like a latticed network of bones. Damp families of plants and difficult-to-grow vegetables lined the rows, a jungle in a sock, life outside the nursery foggy and indistinct. “So this where we found him here,” said Mr. Tracy, gesturing to no special place. A bed of flowers appeared turned over, hills of loam and green petals that looked like dollar bills. “An animal coming indoors like that, walking in on him gardening, bizarre. Peter, he liked the nursery. Well, anyway.”

Pete (Petros Arthurs IV, officially, named after his father’s father’s father) hadn’t bothered to put on shoes that morning. Stood there on the soil…kind of cool, early evening in just a T-shirt and shorts. His grandfather, a man he’d never met before in his life, had been torn to pieces just over there, two weeks prior. “But he looked good, didn’t…

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Fiction: “Under the Wormwood”

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I’ve been toying with ideas on how to use photographs and original illustrations to tell stories. Over at Contra World I’ve been collecting images for character and setting inspiration, and I recently put together a rough outline of my idea. Nothing special, and no original artwork yet, but here you go:

POEM: Quentyn’s Quest

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Your body is a time machine
that works at
real speed.

The music under the floor
has risen
through holes in my feet.

I can feel my heartbeat everywhere.

Promise me your coming out for real.
I can’t keep talking in circles
to pages
about these
things that I feel.

I never thought I needed attention.
I never wanted a friend.
But really, man,
I’m dying without you
I mean, seriously,
either way.

What’s the diagnoses?
Is it possible to deteriorate
from an acute case
of loneliness?

Somebody evict these thoughts from my body,
put them in a jar
that I’ll drink when I’m happy.
Stress is a killer.
I wouldn’t say silent.
Most often aggressive.

Maybe I’ve just been sitting down way too long.

#11 Leave Before The Lights Come On

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#11 “Leave Before the Lights Come On”

This song just misses the top 10. The last song before promotion began on FAVOURITE WORST NIGHTMARE, it’s a catchy track about English club-life, but there are a few riffs and jams that hint at the more experimental rock to come.

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Here is my short story “Killer” as it apepars with Eunoia Review

Eunoia Review

After she decided it would be far kinder for her sister to never be born, it was only a matter of planning. Luce sat on the highest level of the driveway’s retaining wall and waited for Kathy to come home. Kathy Dahl kept no regular hours, making quick work of her children’s plans, but for now Luce was happy to sit and wait, kicking pink sandals against the rain soaked limestone—by her count there were six months still, and to a ten-year-old six months is a lifetime.


Luce “Lucy” Dahl was one of five children at 4 Westwood Lane, a semi-gated community huddled in the undergrowth of southern Mass. Of the kids—better known as the Dolls, residents of the titular Dollhouse—no two shared a father. Frederick, fourteen and the only boy; half-sisters Carmine (5), Kelli (6), Clarice (8) and Luce. Two summers ago the first ever Doll, Rose, turned…

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Best of “Modern Seinfeld” (2013)

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If you thought 2012 was busy for the popular twitter feed “Modern Seinfeld,” you aint seen nothing yet! Here are the best modern Seinfeld treatments so far in 2013.

George, Jerry, and Kramer compete to see who can go the longest at a meal without checking their phone.

Elaine is late to a movie because her new boyfriend (James Wolk) will only get in hybrid cabs. Jerry’s new gf cheats at Words With Friends.

Jerry makes a dinner reservation online, but they won’t seat him, because he never replied to the confirmation email. Bania gets his table.

Newman completes his epic DVD collection thanks to stolen Netflix deliveries. Elaine’s boss accuses her of spoiling a ten year old movie.

George gets upset when his favorite songs go from Classic Rock to Oldies on the radio. Kramer makes bathtub FourLoko.

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Maria Sharapova: $1000 per minute

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The 2013 Australian Open is midway through its second week and the eight Men’s and Women’s semifinalists have all spent varied amounts of time on court. Maria Sharapova has looked particularly dominant in her first 5 matches and will seek to keep that streak alive in tonight’s semi against the charming and dangerous Li Na.

Masha Masha Masha!

But let’s examine just how dominant (and just how lucrative) Sharapova has been so far:

R128 Sharapova def. Puchkova 6-0, 6-0 (55 minutes)
R64 Sharapova def. Doi 6-0, 6-0 (47 minutes)
R32 Sharapova def. V Williams 6-1, 6-3 (79 minutes)
R16 Sharapova def. Flipkens 6-1, 6-0 (78 minutes)
QF Sharapova def. Makarova 6-2, 6-2 (66 minutes)

Maria has lost 9 games in 5 matches and no sets. She has yet to play a match that lasted an hour and twenty minutes or exceeded a 6-3 scoreline. In fact, with just over 5 hours on court and a cool $500,000 already in the bank, Sharapova is earning an astonishing $1539 for every minute she’s on court.

To put that in context, a typical 9-5 job with that sort of rate would pay $3.7 million every week. Lucky for the Happy Slam, Maria isn’t logging that sort of time. And her efficient play has been as impressive as her minute/dollar ratio.

Through five matches Maria is +21 winners to unforced errors. Her serve percentage is erratic, but she’s winning 80% of first serve points and 54% of second. Azarenka, the defending champion and Marai’s kryptonite of late, will dominate any weak serving, so there is certainly cause for alarm.

With Serena Williams out, Sharapova has a huge opportunity not only to reclaim the world #1 ranking (she only needs to reach the finals) but earn her 5th career Major. While her numbers have been encouraging, I’m sure she would not mind Sloan Stephens scoring another huge upset on her behalf.

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