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The Four Coolest F ckin Bands On The Planet

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Sometimes radio scares me. I like pop music, from Rihanna to the Beach Boys and every trend between. A good pop song is a beautiful thing. But the radio historically has also been home to the legends of rock: Elvis Presley, James Brown and the Beatles all hold multiple airplay records and awards. Today, the rock and roll attitude is completely absent from radio.

Which begs the question: twenty years from now (hell, ten years from now) who will be regarded as the preeminent rock bands of the 2000s and 2010s? Cold Play, The Frey and Nickleback have been some of the most successful contemporary rock acts in recent years, god help us.

Who then will carry forth the bad ass torch of rock? Who should you tell your kids you listened to back in the day? Wonder no more.

4. Kings of Leon
all the bubbas got they heads in a nod

Best Albums: “Aha Shake Heartbreak,” “Youth and Young Manhood”
Best Tracks: Trani, Kings of the Rodeo, Joe’s Head
How they so cool? “You talkin bout my baby? I could flip you upside down and I could mop this place,” taunts KOL front man Caleb Followill on 2007 Because of the Times track “My Party.” Despite a two album slump and an unavoidable corporate tweak to their image, the Kings came out of the gate strong with a pair of southern garage rock classics, followed by the more ambitious, arena-rock 2007 release. KOL boozes to the point of excess, smokes with the best of them and have set the marriage bar at Super Model. Just when you think this band might not be bad ass, that the sudden fame brought on by the bands 2008 breakthrough “Sex On Fire” may have ruined their rock cred for good, the Followills come up with gems like this: (to a live audience) “For all the people out there that don’t give a shit about us, I want you to know…I understand. But we worked fucking hard to get here so anyone who has anything to say, fuck you. We’re the god damned Kings of Leon.”

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Ultimate Catfish: Te’o vs Rod and Ebony

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Will catfishing be remembered as one of the strangest trends of the new millennium, or does it signify a social media-driven sickness that will slowly consume the world in a plot worthy of high science fiction? Here we examine two of the more bizarre cases of “misleading identity,” some of which end in an odd yet happy couple, other times in murder.

Manti Te’o is perhaps the most famous victim of a catfish, even if many suspect he may have been complicit in the plot from the start. Here are the facts, as best as they can be surmised:

-In fall of 2012, Te’o told several media outlets that both his grandmother and girlfriend had died on September 11, 2012. Te’o said his girlfriend, Stanford student Lennay Kekua, died after a car accident and subsequent battle with leukemia. He had promised Kekua that he would play football even if she died Te’o emerged as a Heisman Trophy candidate throughout the season, and his story was widely publicized.

Considering Kekua never actually existed, it seems trivial to point out that leukemia is not a common side effect of car accidents.

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Best of “Modern Seinfeld” (2012)

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For those of you without a twitter, the “Modern Seinfeld” account has been extremely active since early December and midway through January went viral. To learn more about the feed click here and to check “Modern Seinfeld” on twitter, go here.

With sometimes a dozen tweets a day, it’s easy to miss a gem. “Modern Seinfeld” embraces current popular trends (Kramer selling black market large sodas, becoming obsessed with people on social media who have his name, taking bets on American Idol; George learning he under sold rare war memorabilia via Pawn Stars; AutoCorrect ruining Jerry’s relationship, getting dumped for not writing on his girlfriend’s wall for her birthday) while also pitching what feel like classic episodes in 140 characters or less (Kramer sells his car for a golf cart, uses a catheter at the movies; George gets into an argument with a coworker who always takes the elevator to the second floor).

Here are some of the best “Modern Seinfeld” tweets from December 2012.

Jerry joins Twitter only to find that a Jerry parody account has 50k followers. It’s run by Bania who will stop if Jerry buys him dinner.

It's gold Jerry, gold!
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