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Using Sports To Teach Children How To Hate!

In boston, sports, TV, writing on 10/16/2012 at 17:15

I remember the chant dimly, a Red Sox/Orioles game when I was seven or eight years old. It didn’t seem odd, or menacing, just slightly out of place. A few months later, when my parents took me and my brother to a taping off WWF Thursday Night Smackdown, it erupted again. Finally, when it burst out randomly in Faneuil Hall one evening, I had to ask. “Dad, why do people yell ‘Yankees suck’ all the time, even when no Yankees are around to hear it?”

I can’t remember my dad’s exact response, but it went something along the lines of this: those people are idiots, that chant is senseless, and it’s embarrassing that Red Sox fans–and Boston citizens in general–took it up as an unofficial slogan.

While it’s a regional example, the “Yankees suck” chant is an example of how we can all learn a lesson between uneducated hatred and spirited competition.

Do they!?

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SPORTS SUNDAY: New England Falters Late In Home Opener

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The New England Patriot’s streak of ten consecutive winning home openers ended Sunday at the surprising hands of the Arizona Cardinals.

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Boston Celtics ready to deliver

In boston, sports, TV, writing on 08/31/2012 at 17:21

With the Boston Red Sox laboring through a forgettable 2012 campaign, the New England Patriots preparing to put another disappointing Superbowl loss behind them and the Boston Bruins trying to figure out what the heck has gotten into Tim Thomas (not to mention a sad first round playoffs exit), the Boston Celtics once again occupy the most hopeful position in the New England sports world.

2013 Celtics

As always, that hope is beleaguered by a thousands ifs, buts, and what ifs?

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NBA Playoff preview: Eastern Conference

In boston, sports, TV on 04/21/2012 at 16:09

In a week’s time the NBA playoffs will be starting, pretty much the same time they start every year as this season’s condensed/lock-out schedule proved to be a 66-game mad dash to this spot on the calendar. Later in the week I’ll post a preview of the Western Conference playoffs, which are bound to be entertainment of the highest caliber, but currently there are too many possible changes, including the Spurs and Thunder battling for top seed and the Suns and Jazz battling for the 8th spot.

The East, on the other hand, is mostly set, with the Knicks and 76ers possibly flipping.

Jrue Holiday vs D Rose
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-The Allston quarter’s second EP is a titanic, unexpected step forward.

If you haven’t heard Friendo, you’re not alone. After the release of their second effort, The Devil’s Avocado, that’s likely to change.

Friendo came onto the Allston scene a year ago with Not Coming Home, a five song effort that emulated southern garage rock in all its glory, songs about traveling, drinking whiskey and trying to sleep with girls before they pass out (“Shit, she’s asleep man,”).

With The Devil’s Avocado, released January 6th at a packed Allston house show, Friendo introduces a host of new sounds to their arsenal, and beyond that, a willingness to take risks. Read the rest of this entry »

“THURSDAY” by Jimmy Welsh

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Jimmy Welsh released his first solo effort since 2008 last week, Thursday, the first we’ve heard from him since November 2010’s “Nothing To Do With Love,” released under the Small Talk banner. Fans had already been treated to a live performance of the title-track (a recording of which can also be found on the album) and “To Fall In Love Like That.”

While Thursday preserves the mainstream appeal Welsh utilized in building his fan base, it would be hard to direct a listener to the most “Small Talk-sounding” track on the record, and that’s a great dilemma to have. Welsh has always been at his best when in possession of an acoustic guitar and an attentive audience, and anyone who has heard him cover JTE’s “Slippin and Slidin” or “Million Dollar Bill” by Middle Brother knows the pop-rock format does not do Welsh justice as a performer. Read the rest of this entry »