The Flower Addict

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Eunoia Review

The metal schema showed under the white nursery sheet like a latticed network of bones. Damp families of plants and difficult-to-grow vegetables lined the rows, a jungle in a sock, life outside the nursery foggy and indistinct. “So this where we found him here,” said Mr. Tracy, gesturing to no special place. A bed of flowers appeared turned over, hills of loam and green petals that looked like dollar bills. “An animal coming indoors like that, walking in on him gardening, bizarre. Peter, he liked the nursery. Well, anyway.”

Pete (Petros Arthurs IV, officially, named after his father’s father’s father) hadn’t bothered to put on shoes that morning. Stood there on the soil…kind of cool, early evening in just a T-shirt and shorts. His grandfather, a man he’d never met before in his life, had been torn to pieces just over there, two weeks prior. “But he looked good, didn’t…

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