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Here is my short story “Killer” as it apepars with Eunoia Review

Eunoia Review

After she decided it would be far kinder for her sister to never be born, it was only a matter of planning. Luce sat on the highest level of the driveway’s retaining wall and waited for Kathy to come home. Kathy Dahl kept no regular hours, making quick work of her children’s plans, but for now Luce was happy to sit and wait, kicking pink sandals against the rain soaked limestone—by her count there were six months still, and to a ten-year-old six months is a lifetime.


Luce “Lucy” Dahl was one of five children at 4 Westwood Lane, a semi-gated community huddled in the undergrowth of southern Mass. Of the kids—better known as the Dolls, residents of the titular Dollhouse—no two shared a father. Frederick, fourteen and the only boy; half-sisters Carmine (5), Kelli (6), Clarice (8) and Luce. Two summers ago the first ever Doll, Rose, turned…

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