Best of “Modern Seinfeld” (2013)

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If you thought 2012 was busy for the popular twitter feed “Modern Seinfeld,” you aint seen nothing yet! Here are the best modern Seinfeld treatments so far in 2013.

George, Jerry, and Kramer compete to see who can go the longest at a meal without checking their phone.

Elaine is late to a movie because her new boyfriend (James Wolk) will only get in hybrid cabs. Jerry’s new gf cheats at Words With Friends.

Jerry makes a dinner reservation online, but they won’t seat him, because he never replied to the confirmation email. Bania gets his table.

Newman completes his epic DVD collection thanks to stolen Netflix deliveries. Elaine’s boss accuses her of spoiling a ten year old movie.

George gets upset when his favorite songs go from Classic Rock to Oldies on the radio. Kramer makes bathtub FourLoko.

George gets kicked out of Five Guys for just eating the peanuts. Louis CK asks Jerry to play a villainous version of himself on “Louie.”

George has a map of unprotected WI-FI networks in the neighborhood. Jerry & Kramer get hooked on Breaking Bad, act weird around Tim Whatley.

Elaine finds herself at the center of a controversy when a college football star uses her photo as a picture of his fake dead girlfriend.

Jerry asks out a woman with a 93% enemy rating on OKCupid. “I’ve been looking for a soul mate. Maybe I need a nemesis.”

Elaine tries to keep her dying phone alive for the week before she gets her upgrade. Jerry’s new gf (Michelle Monaghan) loves Honey Boo Boo.

A homeless man refuses Elaine’s offer of a used first-gen iPad. George carries an empty Starbucks cup so he can use WiFi at any location.

After he learns it’s been canceled, Kramer starts his own version of Cash Cab in his car. People think he’s trying to kidnap them.

Kramer discovers that his foot-long sub is only 11-inches. He takes his case to Jackie Chiles. “It’s a disaster, an atrocity, a barbarity!”

George keeps using his ex’s Netflix because the suggestions are finally perfect for him. “I can’t start over. This thing knows me, Jerry!”

Jerry starts watching Lost & does all he can to avoid spoilers. Newman makes it his mission to spoil. Kramer auditions to be the Nets mascot.

George tries to get on “What Not To Wear” to get a free suit to wear for a wedding. Kramer develops 2D glasses for people who hate 3D movies

George’s gf (Aisha Tyler) dumps him for laughing at the wrong time in Django Unchained. Elaine writes descriptions for Vitamin Water bottles.


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