Best of “Modern Seinfeld” (2012)

In future, present, writing on 02/27/2013 at 13:28

For those of you without a twitter, the “Modern Seinfeld” account has been extremely active since early December and midway through January went viral. To learn more about the feed click here and to check “Modern Seinfeld” on twitter, go here.

With sometimes a dozen tweets a day, it’s easy to miss a gem. “Modern Seinfeld” embraces current popular trends (Kramer selling black market large sodas, becoming obsessed with people on social media who have his name, taking bets on American Idol; George learning he under sold rare war memorabilia via Pawn Stars; AutoCorrect ruining Jerry’s relationship, getting dumped for not writing on his girlfriend’s wall for her birthday) while also pitching what feel like classic episodes in 140 characters or less (Kramer sells his car for a golf cart, uses a catheter at the movies; George gets into an argument with a coworker who always takes the elevator to the second floor).

Here are some of the best “Modern Seinfeld” tweets from December 2012.

Jerry joins Twitter only to find that a Jerry parody account has 50k followers. It’s run by Bania who will stop if Jerry buys him dinner.

It's gold Jerry, gold!

George goes crazy trying to decipher the fact that a pretty woman “liked” his Facebook status. Elaine is kicked out of a movie for texting.

Jerry breaks up with a beautiful woman because she favorites every one of his tweets. Kramer and Newman start a podcast.

Elaine pretends to live in Brooklyn to date a cute, younger guy. Kramer becomes addicted to 5 Hour Energy. George’s parents get Skype.

Kramer is under investigation for heavy torrenting. Jerry’s new girlfriend writes an extremely graphic blog. George discovers Banh Mi.

Jerry gets hooked on Game of Thrones. Dumps his girlfriend (Gillian Jacobs) because she likes Sansa. Kramer becomes addicted to Reddit.

Bania steals jokes from Jerry’s tweets. George lies on @foursquareto avoid his parents. Kramer leads the less popular #Kony2013campaign.

Jerry breaks up with his girlfriend (Rashida Jones) because she Instagrams everything she eats. George tries to get a job with the Nets.

George responds to a Missed Connection that isn’t about him because he thinks if he’s confident enough about it, she’ll just go with it.

Jerry goes on @jimmyfallon. The Roots play “Drops of Jupiter” when he comes out. Jerry becomes obsessed with figuring out why.

Kramer stockpiles honey when he hears that bees are disappearing, ends up on Hoarders. George tries to become a “hat guy,” wears a fedora.

Jerry refuses to give Kramer his WiFi password. George starts a war against organic food. Elaine dates a Romney son.

George makes a map of all the no-fee ATMs in Manhattan. Bob Sacamano sets Kramer up with a way to make money off the bacon shortage.

George is caught in his underwear on Google Street View. Jerry is convinced that Dr. Zizmor is a fraud. Elaine is accused of dog racism.

Newman buys Twitter followers so he’ll have more than Jerry. George admits to paying for online porn. Kramer gets cast in Sleep No More.

The Knicks go on a winning streak as soon as George declares himself a Nets fan. When he switches back, Carmelo sprains an ankle.

Kramer accidentally gets caught in a flash mob. Elaine’s new boyfriend (Paul Rudd) quotes movies while watching them

Kramer becomes an Internet famous photo bomber, so Jerry checks his photos and finds Kramer in the background of every single one of them.

George realizes he is dating a woman he’d gone out with before when her name comes up “Lisa Psycho” the first time she texts him.

George becomes insecure when he sees a nude photo of his girlfriend (Elizabeth Banks) in an ad on a porn site. Kramer becomes an Etsy king.

Kramer makes money reselling 3D glasses. Jerry suspects his sweet new gf (Rachel Bilson) might be a professional dominatrix.

Jerry discovers that Newman is secretly seen as a king at a local paintball venue. Kramer becomes “the mayor” of Jerry’s apartment.


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