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With that, National Novel Writing Month is (almost) over. Including today, there are 5 days remaining in November, and I have ~3000 to write. Unfortunately, my story has all but ended, but I’ll be able to fudge the last thousand words or so and enter the winner’s circle.

I did not enter the NaNo “community” as much as I would have liked to, as it seemed to be one of the most helpful aspects of keeping up the 1,667 words per day demand. With a completed novel under my belt, I will definitely enter next year with some confidence and reach out to other writers.

What I am left with now is a pretty dreadful draft of a short suburban/science fiction/magical realist novel. The tag should read something like “Divorce, UFOs and Costume Parties.” Something like that.

However I am proud. It took ~30 days to pump out the draft, and I am more than willing to commit as much time to revising before sending it out. Hopefully within the next 3 weeks or so I will post the first chapter here.

Glad to be back to WP.


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