THE TIME MACHINE: First Star Wars, Now This!?

In TV, writing on 11/05/2012 at 21:16

Like any American boy, I grew up on a healthy diet of Star Wars, original and prequel trilogies. The recent announcement has left me, in a word, winded (I’m not necessarily sure that’s the best word). The announcement is too big in terms of culture for me to write a post on (it’s Nano, after all!) and too vague in terms of specifics for me to add anything to the conversation.

However, in the wake of acquiring Lucas Films, Disney made another announcement that many 90s babies will be excited for: the Disney Channel is working with original creator Michael Jacobs to produce a sequel series to Boy Meets World.

The series, which will be called (can you guess?) Girl Meets World, will focus on Cory and Topanga Matthews’ as yet unnamed daughter. Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are in talks to reprise their roles, and if they are on board in tandem with Jacobs, it is unlikely Rider Strong, Will Friedle and most of the original cast would have any excuse not to sign on outside of pride.

However, don’t get too excited. In the first series, Amy and Alan Matthews would go several hours of screen time without appearing. This is being produced by DISNEY CHANNEL, not Disney, and so will be targeted at the 9-12 demo. So even if Ryder and co. become involved in talks, it’s unlike they’d become series regulars.

90s much?

In this sense the announcement is disappointing. While I won’t indulge my nostalgia too much and call BMW “one of the best shows ever,” it certainly stands the test of time. The earlier episodes, while focusing on 6th and 7th grade, are cleverly written and appropriately tender.

The later seasons (with the exception of most of 7, sadly) turn a very meta corner, sometimes going as far as to tempt a “Community” comparison. Select episodes had the BMW cast parodying Casablanca, World War II romance movies (redundant, I realize), slasher movies and even Boy Meets World!

Of course we won’t be rejoining our old friends, that’s what syndication is for. But it would be nice to see Jacobs introduce the young Matthews girl (who is named Beverly Glen in one episode) to the same witty yet slap-stick universe we left her parents in.

So long as she does not have magical powers or an alternate identity as a pop star, I’ll at least catch the pilot.

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