How fast can you write fiction?

In fiction, writing on 11/05/2012 at 21:38

I have not posted much on here as I’ve been hard at work on Nation Novel Writing Month. I did not want to post much as I have flamed out much earlier on far less demanding projects. Five days in and I am just under 10,000 words, slightly ahead of schedule.

Most writers (and creative types in general) don’t like to talk numbers, whether it is word count, economics, time tables, etc. I, as an obsessive compulsive, need numbers to operate. I have never attempted NaNo, but so far I am really enjoying the experience.

The content is not my best writing, but it’s definitely my fastest pace. If I keep this pace up I will have about 55,000 words at the end of the month, which I can then revise and add onto, and hopefully complete my first novel by New Year’s.

Now, onto my question!

Visiting the forums at NaNo, I was surprised at how many people said they could produce the necessary 1,667 words per day in about 20 minutes, with some saying they can do it in just a few minutes. I wonder why these people don’t write a novel per month, every month?

To put it kindly, I would not be that eager to read 50,000 words written in 4 hours. By comparison, most copies of THE GREAT GATSBY come in around 47,000 words and took Fitzgerald over 2 years to write. It takes me about 2 hours to hit the daily goal, and that’s without questioning myself too much on word choice or general structure.

I usually write about 1700-1900 words from 7-930am, and then late in the afternoon spend 45-90 minutes revising, cutting about 100 words and adding 400 or so.

So my question is, how many words can you produce in XX minutes? XX hours? How long do you write for, how long do you edit, WHAT IS YOUR DAILY WRITING ROUTINE!?

I will post an excerpt once I feel like I have one ready. Cheers.


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