A poem: “Dany Wants Her Dragons Back”

In Game of Thrones, poetry, writing on 11/05/2012 at 21:19

Working on a book of poetry, unfortunately. Sample, about Ice&Fire:

Dany Wants Her Dragons Back
When I crossed the Narrow Sea
the septon said a prayer for me.
I just wondered if you’d wait
but you said nothing of it:
“You’re just a boy of ten-and-eight
stealing flowers.” Well, that’s great.
So unloved, I’ll take the black—
you blow the horn that brings me back.

You’re like fire, you’re like ice;
let me take you out to lunch.
Lannister red, the way you blush…
you are the other continent.

The wolves are showing us their stuff,
the dance has made you upset.
These are the knights of summer—
you thought the wolves would be your friends?

You are the other continent.


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