[Traditional marriage] is critical for the well-being of a civilization

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There are no gay characters in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, nor in the films “2012” or “Waterworld” (though the wardrobe department definitely displayed some twisted fetishes). I find this curious only because, according to Mitt Romney, gay marriage could spell the end of civilization as we know it.

the times they are a changin
The times they are a changin

I will start with an admission: I did not vote during the 2008 Election, and I won’t in next week either. Voting is the most important thing you can do as a citizen, and an ancient Rome I would be among the lowliest scum. Two reasons keep me from hating myself too severely for the (non) decision:
1) I know nothing
2) The Electoral College.

This isn’t a post on one of the country’s most delicate antiques, the electoral college, though. It’s about a sentence.

Barack Obama has done some great things, but not nearly enough to assure himself a second term. Unfortunately he is running against a man who, fundamentally, should not be allowed to lead this country forward, nor any direction.

The sentence Mitt Romney(‘s intern) constructed is this: [Traditional marriage] is critical for the well-being of a civilization.

Taken directly from Romney’s website, this is one of the first sentences contained in Mitt’s official stance on marriage (Traditional Marriage being defined as one between man and woman). Now, I will not pretend I don’t understand homophobia, especially in older generations; it’s difficult to grow up viewing a certain group of people one way, and then have subsequent generations take seemingly rapid leaps to view that group in a completely different way, be it culturally, socially or legally. Maybe you “feel uncomfortable” seeing two women kissing in public. OK. But I can’t give these people, or any people, a pass on a sentence of this magnitude, and the insanely hateful idea behind it.

To think, in any sense of the notion, that two men or two women raising a child can in some way undermine our lives and the country as we know it…is insane.

An insane person should not be elected to the presidency of the United States. Insane people are inclined to do insane things.

Mitt’s website has a few humdingers as far as sentences go, such as claiming that “almost all American recognize abortion as a problem” (low estimates have more than 40% of the country identifying themselves as “pro-choice”). As a wordsmith, I particularly appreciate his repeated referral to pro-life supporters as the “heart and conscience” of America, implying the other half to be–what, the little devil on America’s shoulder?

But I keep returning to that headline string of words. Let’s break it down
Traditional marriage – 50% of which end in divorce
is critical – evokes both logic and passion, absolutely, positively necessary
for the well-being – quality living conditions, a strong economy, healthy and happy citizens
of a civilization an advanced state of human society, in which a high level of culture, science, industry, and government has been reached, as well as those people or nations that have reached such a state

Mitt, if he honestly believes this, is someone with a skewed view of reality, someone who believes same sex love could destroy—what exactly? Our infrastructure? Our roads and subways? Or our moral culture? Our legacy of diabetic eight year old beauty pageants and substance abusing Italian stereotypes?

Obama wants to see this country move forward. I’m not convinced he will take us far as we want or expect, but that is definitely the direction we need to go. Forward. Forward. Forward.


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