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NSFW Christmas Movie Special: Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

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I am jumping the gun along with the rest of the country and getting into the Christmas spirit early, because what else do I have to do? For me, December is “that month they don’t play tennis,” but there is also Christmas. Most Christmas movies are cheesy as hell, but the past two nights I have watched some darker takes on the holiday.

First off, the inane Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas.

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With that, National Novel Writing Month is (almost) over. Including today, there are 5 days remaining in November, and I have ~3000 to write. Unfortunately, my story has all but ended, but I’ll be able to fudge the last thousand words or so and enter the winner’s circle.

I did not enter the NaNo “community” as much as I would have liked to, as it seemed to be one of the most helpful aspects of keeping up the 1,667 words per day demand. With a completed novel under my belt, I will definitely enter next year with some confidence and reach out to other writers.

What I am left with now is a pretty dreadful draft of a short suburban/science fiction/magical realist novel. The tag should read something like “Divorce, UFOs and Costume Parties.” Something like that.

However I am proud. It took ~30 days to pump out the draft, and I am more than willing to commit as much time to revising before sending it out. Hopefully within the next 3 weeks or so I will post the first chapter here.

Glad to be back to WP.

Cormac McCarthy

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Head over to and check out my contribution to Alyce’s BEST AND WORST series, a little entry on Cormac McCarthy.

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David Gaughran

There’s a lot of talk at the moment that cheap books are destroying the industry.

In traditional publishing circles especially, fingers are being pointed at self-publishers (and their chief enablers, Amazon), who stand accused of encouraging a race to the bottom, of devaluing books, and training readers to pay ever-cheaper amounts – making the whole book business unsustainable.

Today, I have a guest post from Ed Robertson – author of Breakers and Melt Down – which takes issue with that view. His logic is compelling, based on a historical look at book prices. This is really worth the read:

Self-Publishers Aren’t Killing The Industry, They’re Saving It

I’m a self-publisher. An indie author. Whatever you want to call me. I’ve read many articles about how self-publishers are killing the book industry. I’ve heard it from big publishing houses. From the president of the Author’s Guild. From traditionally published novelists and agents…

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How fast can you write fiction?

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I have not posted much on here as I’ve been hard at work on Nation Novel Writing Month. I did not want to post much as I have flamed out much earlier on far less demanding projects. Five days in and I am just under 10,000 words, slightly ahead of schedule.

Most writers (and creative types in general) don’t like to talk numbers, whether it is word count, economics, time tables, etc. I, as an obsessive compulsive, need numbers to operate. I have never attempted NaNo, but so far I am really enjoying the experience.

The content is not my best writing, but it’s definitely my fastest pace. If I keep this pace up I will have about 55,000 words at the end of the month, which I can then revise and add onto, and hopefully complete my first novel by New Year’s.

Now, onto my question!

Visiting the forums at NaNo, I was surprised at how many people said they could produce the necessary 1,667 words per day in about 20 minutes, with some saying they can do it in just a few minutes. I wonder why these people don’t write a novel per month, every month?

To put it kindly, I would not be that eager to read 50,000 words written in 4 hours. By comparison, most copies of THE GREAT GATSBY come in around 47,000 words and took Fitzgerald over 2 years to write. It takes me about 2 hours to hit the daily goal, and that’s without questioning myself too much on word choice or general structure.

I usually write about 1700-1900 words from 7-930am, and then late in the afternoon spend 45-90 minutes revising, cutting about 100 words and adding 400 or so.

So my question is, how many words can you produce in XX minutes? XX hours? How long do you write for, how long do you edit, WHAT IS YOUR DAILY WRITING ROUTINE!?

I will post an excerpt once I feel like I have one ready. Cheers.

A poem: “Dany Wants Her Dragons Back”

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Working on a book of poetry, unfortunately. Sample, about Ice&Fire:

Dany Wants Her Dragons Back
When I crossed the Narrow Sea
the septon said a prayer for me.
I just wondered if you’d wait
but you said nothing of it:
“You’re just a boy of ten-and-eight
stealing flowers.” Well, that’s great.
So unloved, I’ll take the black—
you blow the horn that brings me back.

You’re like fire, you’re like ice;
let me take you out to lunch.
Lannister red, the way you blush…
you are the other continent.

The wolves are showing us their stuff,
the dance has made you upset.
These are the knights of summer—
you thought the wolves would be your friends?

You are the other continent.

THE TIME MACHINE: First Star Wars, Now This!?

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Like any American boy, I grew up on a healthy diet of Star Wars, original and prequel trilogies. The recent announcement has left me, in a word, winded (I’m not necessarily sure that’s the best word). The announcement is too big in terms of culture for me to write a post on (it’s Nano, after all!) and too vague in terms of specifics for me to add anything to the conversation.

However, in the wake of acquiring Lucas Films, Disney made another announcement that many 90s babies will be excited for: the Disney Channel is working with original creator Michael Jacobs to produce a sequel series to Boy Meets World.

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Wreck It Ralph

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I saw WRECK IT RALPH last night. I had not gone to the movies since THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and had fairly high expectations for the new Disney film. I was not disappointed.

The art direction in RALPH is complex and beautiful; each game world is rendered with appropriately personalized styles, as are their chracters, while designs for Ralph, Venellope and Felix are charming and unique.

Likewise, RALPH does not skimp on the plot. While it is slightly disappointing that we don’t get to venture into more games, Sugar Land is the perfect the world to spend about 60 minutes in, and there are so many subplots going on it’s hard to think about what’s going on elsewhere in the arcade.

John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman play off each other well, as do Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch. Adam Corolla, Horatio Sanz and Mindy Kaling pop up as well.

The movie is funny, I chuckled throughout. There are so great references to games from the 60s through current day, including the all-important NES code (Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right–you get the idea!), as well as familiar characters like Bowser, Sonic and Street Fighter’s Ryu.

I’d give RALPH an 8/10 easy, but if you are looking for the elusive “family film,” something for everyone to enjoy, you have found the perfect movie. Go see WRECK IT RALPH at once.

[Traditional marriage] is critical for the well-being of a civilization

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There are no gay characters in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, nor in the films “2012” or “Waterworld” (though the wardrobe department definitely displayed some twisted fetishes). I find this curious only because, according to Mitt Romney, gay marriage could spell the end of civilization as we know it.

the times they are a changin
The times they are a changin

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