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A scary story

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Here is another horror story I’ve cooked up for the Halloween season. This one I’m very proud of, it’s the largest scoped story I’ve finished in several years. I’m calling it “Man Hunt and Moon Men” for now, but it’s changed a great deal in the year+ I’ve been working on it, so that title doesn’t work as well now.

*I’m considering: “Man Hunt, Moon Men and Mania”, “House on Moira Lane”, “The Tale of the Manic Man” and “The Tale of the Empty Houses.”

Like , I’ll be submitting this, so it will only be up for October! Please read, and SUGGEST A TITLE.

“Manhunt and Moon Men*”
The summer I saw aliens was spent, in part, groping for words to explain the language of idle bike chains cruising down Heather Hill passed unknown new neighbors watering old gardens, planted forever ago, like 1988. That summer was a lot of groping. Read the rest of this entry »

How do you arrange your bookshelf?

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Beautiful books

A few weeks ago I rearranged my room, including moving my bookshelf a few feet to the left. My ceiling high bookshelf containing an elephant’s weight in books. Quite the undertaking.

I had this grand idea that I would replace all the books by how much I liked them; “top shelf” books down to books I have but hate. Then I wondered a beautiful, color-coordinated arrangement would be better. My OCD kicked in and the books had to also work by size as well. A month later and I still switch a book’s place at least once a day.

But the source of most contention involves which books to display, cover facing out, leading me to my question how do you arrange your bookshelf?

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Using Sports To Teach Children How To Hate!

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I remember the chant dimly, a Red Sox/Orioles game when I was seven or eight years old. It didn’t seem odd, or menacing, just slightly out of place. A few months later, when my parents took me and my brother to a taping off WWF Thursday Night Smackdown, it erupted again. Finally, when it burst out randomly in Faneuil Hall one evening, I had to ask. “Dad, why do people yell ‘Yankees suck’ all the time, even when no Yankees are around to hear it?”

I can’t remember my dad’s exact response, but it went something along the lines of this: those people are idiots, that chant is senseless, and it’s embarrassing that Red Sox fans–and Boston citizens in general–took it up as an unofficial slogan.

While it’s a regional example, the “Yankees suck” chant is an example of how we can all learn a lesson between uneducated hatred and spirited competition.

Do they!?

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Inspiring photos of autumn


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This is a draft of a horror/magical realist story I wrote, inspired by Julio Cortazar’s “Beastiary.”

“Magicicada” tells the story of Riley, her cousin Maggie, and their bizarre return to Perth, where she spent summers as a child. She finds her grandmother’s ranch a changed place, her cousin Eric a mysterious man and the return of a legendary brood of insect looming over the town.

I’ve sent it out, so I can only keep it up for a few days. Enjoy it during the Halloween season.

In the dark the children squealed, delighted by the roiling earth between their toes, those moist, glistening grubs. “Bring the light over here! The light over here!”
“Magicicada,” the elders uttered from rockers on the porch, singing the song, tzitzika, tzitzika, tzitzika. “They get bigger every cycle,” one speculated. “Big? These? Wait for the brood to rise.”
From the porch the children were evidenced only by shrill voices and the long arms of flashlights, extensions of their always pointing fingers, racing around the prairie…one stood apart, a girl in a dress that was glowing, it seems, the loveliest amber. She stood by the swing set under pale garlands of the old willow, examining the husks still holding to the tree, ghost shells, not living or dead…she might turn one to dust with a finger—she had magic like that—but the wind had not dislodged them, nor had bat or bird or either of the girls’ deranged cousins. They’d fall on their own, she knew, or else the willow tree would be a jaundiced mountain of shells from all the broods before, ten thousand summers old. They’d fall.
She shrieked, excitement keying up her throat, and rejoined the race, not willing to miss another second. Read the rest of this entry »

Halloween Specials #20-11

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Before we reach my top ten favorite Halloween specials, here are numbers 20 through 11.

20. Parks and Recreation “Greg Pikitis”

Any “Parks” episode featuring Louie CK is a must-see. Throw in Bert Macklin and you’ve got yourself a barn burner. The grating Greg Pikitis pulls of a stunning Halloween caper on the Parks department, while Aziz Ansari dresses as T-Payne and shouts at people to dance!!!

Rashida Jones

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Writing Characters Who Aren’t You

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I’ve been spending October revising a few horror stories, which I will post soon, while my “American Radio” project sits on the back burner of my brain. But it’s there, never fully tucked away. So I decided I’d share one of my ongoing battles with the book.

Creating a unique voice for my narrator and/or protagonist is always a challenge–if I slip up for even a sentence, I’ve started down a path in the company of a voice that is, simply, my own. To me, there is nothing more boring than a forgettable narrative voice.

In an effort to distinguish myself from my narrator, I made Aleks Records (among other things) black and bi sexual. I came to this decision with two good reasons: 1) the narrator needs to be “the other” in every single scenario, so any conceivable definition of “otherness” should be attributed; 2) he is based off Donald Glover and Kele Okereke.

However, I’m unsure of how far my ability will allow me to explore these areas of his person…Zora Neal Hurston was criticized by her peers for not giving enough attention to the struggle of African Americans in White America. Hurston, while proud of her heritage, felt she was merely a writer, and would write about whatever pleased her; she felt no obligation to any cause or race.

At the same, it seems wasteful to write a gay or black character and not give some attention to their place in the social landscape. A novel taking place in the present day, for example, with a gay narrator would surely comment on the current election, which could turn out to be historical for same sex couples in America. But how does a straight author access that place?

Interviews, research, guesswork?

I’ve surrendered to the fact that this book will likely take me four or five more years. It’s natural to want your first book to just be finished, but “American Radio” will not allow it. The book is continuously condensing via layers–shorter and deeper, shorter and deeper. At least I’m finishing a few stories, and have a poem to be published this winter.

Hit the jump for an “American Radio” excerpt.

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PROMETHEUS: Or, An Argument For Piracy

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I won’t rehash the debate about piracy of music and movies, which has been ongoing in public forums and political gatherings for over a decade. Instead I’ll describe to you what just happened to me.

I was at Target and saw a display for Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” on DVD. Having thoroughly enjoyed the movie in theaters, I decided I’d buy it. That decision immediately complicated:

1) Prometheus on DVD for $16.99.
2) Prometheus DVD/Blu-ray combo pack for $22.99
3) Prometheus 4-disc Collector’s Edition for $27.99

Collector's Edition

I don’t have a Blu-ray player, and I’m a thrift SOB, so I grabbed the DVD version. Upon closer examination I realized the DVD copy had NO special features other than an audio commentary track. Crestfallen, I looked over the combo pack. There were a few more special features, but to my dismay they were only on the Blu-ray version! Lastly, the Collector’s Edition and it’s 7+ hours of bonus content, exactly what I’d been looking for…. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Celebrities Who Starred In A Tale From The Midnight Society

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The beloved format of Are You Afraid of the Dark? presented audiences with a new cast of characters every week. With those kinds of odds, a few of them were bound to go on to do big things.

Tatyana Ali “The Tale of the Quicksilver”

The Fresh Princess deals with a classic tribulation of growing up in the 90’s: moving into a haunted house.


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In the spirit of Halloween, I rewatched this horror classic.

Alien (1979)

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