10 Celebrities Who Starred In A Tale From The Midnight Society

In TV, writing on 10/08/2012 at 12:06

The beloved format of Are You Afraid of the Dark? presented audiences with a new cast of characters every week. With those kinds of odds, a few of them were bound to go on to do big things.

Tatyana Ali “The Tale of the Quicksilver”

The Fresh Princess deals with a classic tribulation of growing up in the 90’s: moving into a haunted house.


Tia and Tamera Mowry “The Tale of the Chameleons”

Tia Marey made a bold leap when she stepped away from her twin vehicle Sister, Sister. The leap was so bold, in fact, she decided to take her sister Tamera along with her. You know, for support. And half the lines.

Check out this Chameleon. It's not haunted.

Will Friedle “The Tale of the Long Ago Locket”

Another ABC star crossed the Nick-line as Eric Matthews took on Revolutionary-era ghosts. Check out all the quality images that exist from this show!

Melissa Joan Hart “The Tale of the Frozen Ghost”

Hart decided early on she was going to carve out a role in the YA fantasy demo. She missed out on the Harry Potter years by thiiiiiis much.

Gilbert Gottfried “The Tale of Station 109.1”

Gottfried was already a “star” at this point, but he certainly makes the most terrifying cameo in AYAOTD history. That voice…those eyes…the horror!

Neve Campbell “The Tale of the Dangerous Soup”

Neve Campbell, yes. Hagrid? The world may never know.


Elisha Cuthbert “The Tale of the Night Shift”

Cuthbert got her start as an extra, then went on to join the Midnight Society for 26 episodes.

Emmanuelle Chriqui “The Tale of the Night Shift”

The ENTOURAGE starlet is magnetic in this classic episode.

Jay Baruchel “The Tale of the Deadman’s Float”

Baruchel’s style of acting hasn’t changed much since his turn on AYAOTD. Neither has his voice.

Ryan Gosling “The Tale of Station 109.1”

The handsomest man in the world drops, at worst, to top 5 as a 10 year old. Is that weird?


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