Top 10 Tuesday: Halloween Specials

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For the next three weeks I will be counting down 30 of my favorite Halloween specials. These include both movies and Halloween episodes of my favorite shows. Without further adieu….

30. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman
While (obviously) on the more childish side of Halloween entertainment, “Wolfman” recalls the best part of Halloween—that is, being a child!

On holidays, the whole world seems to transform when you are young. My obsession with Halloween no doubt stems from those late afternoons, mom painstakingly finishing up my vampire makeup (a ghostly foundation, some dainty lips and a grotesque, infected gash), then walking out into the evening with your new body. Holding my dad’s hand, walking down unfamiliar streets well past 8 at night—there is nothing like it!

I hope he kills them

This is the nostalgia I get from “Wolfman,” as we get plenty of shots of spooky suburbs, mysterious neighbors, and big middle American porches stuffed to the brim with pumpkins. A low key start for your Halloween viewing.

29. American Horror Story “Halloween 1 & 2”
Not only is American Horror Story fairly creepy and centered on a haunted house where about a billion people were murdered, but the Halloween special marked an aggressive plot shift. The new age ghost story started to take shape (before quickly unraveling) and the rules of the ghosts haunting the basement were made a bit more clear—and oh yeah, tons of corpses, school shootings and further death. Kind of an extreme step up from the Chipmunks, eh? Check out Awkward.’s Ashley Rickards as an extremely dead cheerleader.

It sure is Awkward. being dead

28. Adventure Time “The Creeps/From Bad to Worse”
“Adventure Time” make the list on the same grounds it makes any list: sheer awesomeness. I rarely ever find myself in the company of Finn and Jake and not smiling. “Adventure Time,” as it does on a regular basis, fully embraces the Halloween atmosphere with ghoulishly conceived haunted basements, evil laboratories and nightmarishly zany chase scene. And anyways, no show can go wrong with a zombie episode.

27. Curb Your Enthusiasm “Trick or Treat”
Believe it or not, in 9 seasons there was never a Halloween episode of “Seinfeld.” Halloween plays both a minimal and integral part of Larry’s predictably neurotic holiday experience. “Curb” takes place in LA, so you won’t get the desired spooky autumn feeling, but it’s one of the funniest shows on television in the last decade, so we can let that slide.

You didn't say Trick or Treat.
Trick or Treaters: It’s Halloween, can we get some candy?
Larry: Yeah, it’s Halloween but that doesn’t mean you can go around to people’s houses and bilk candy from them

26. NewsRadio “Halloween”
Again we are stuck on canned set without the desired autumn gloom, but this episode revolves around a more than satisfying Halloween costume party that ends (as most of his creative endeavors do) with Dave Foley wearing a dress. NewsRadio is probably the most underrated sitcom of all time, so go knock out the first two seasons real quick so you can get to this episode.

Dave Foley in a dress, as always
Lisa: The problem is you look better in my dress than I do.
Dave: What?
Lisa: You do.I’ve never been able to wear that dress because I just couldn’t pull it off and now you just look like a million bucks.
Dave: No. I look like a man in a dress, which is worth at most $150 on Ninth Avenue.

25. Rocko’s Modern Life “Sugar-Frosted Frights/Ed Is Dead”
Like “Adventure Time,” Rocko is set in a bizarre world that completely embraces the strange and spooky, and in this case discomfortingly bizarre. Also, Rocko wears one of the most innovative costumes in Halloween special history.

24. Aqua Team Hunger Force “The Shaving”
Every episode of ATHF is a Halloween special. The gang finds another monster living in their house, but this one is pretty tame–especially considering it’s Halloween! At about 13 minutes in length, this is something to throw on while you put the finishing touches on your get-up before a night of costumed debauchery. Enjoy the gloriously bloody finale.

23. Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space
This animated special is the definition of eye candy, and candy is delicious, and it’s almost Halloween so deal with it. Plenty of costumes and suburban Halloween splendor too! The good guys are monsters and aliens, while the bad guys are evilly animated pumpkins. Sound like Halloween to me!

22. Rocket Power “The Night Before”
Once upon an October, the Rocket gang took a break from their various extreme sports to get up to a little mischief. All over the country (world?) there are different traditions involving the night before Halloween. Some people go to haunted houses, some people raise the dead. If you are at all adventurous, like the Rockets, you partake in mischief night, tooling around the suburbs with back packs full of toilet paper and eggs. But beware the Stimpletons!

Lars..sucha pussy

21. 30 Rock “Stone Mountain”
As far as Halloween specials go, “Stone Mountain” is pretty sparse. How, then, did is land the 21 spot? Frank’s quest to attend the mythical gay guy’s Halloween party is magic, as is Alec Baldwin’s famous line: “Good god Lemon, your breath.”

Another gem…
Tracy: Are you a celebrity?
Jimmy Fallon: I have a talk show on NBC.
Tracy: No, I said celebrity!

Next Tuesday I’ll post my favorite Hallowen specials #20-11. I’ll be posting other Halloween articles, stories and more all month!


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