Top 10 Tuesday: Autumnal Occasions

In sports, writing on 09/25/2012 at 14:37

Fall has been here almost a full week. What do we have to look forward to?

10. Sports

Fall is one of the best times of the year to be into sports. The MLB World Series quickly turns into the start of the NBA season, with the most exciting parts of the NFL schedule forming the backbone of it all. Not to mention the Tennis Masters Cup in November. What, I’m alone on that one?

9. Weather

Summer is my favorite season, but the sights, smells and sounds of autumn are unlike anything else. New England is one of the most beautiful places in the world this time of year, and the temperate weather is the icing on the cake: not very hot, barely ever cold and without the constant rain and wind of spring. Late September through mid-October is that time of year where you can’t help but stand there smiling, thinking to yourself “What a beautiful day.”

8. New Television

By the time May rolls around we are all complaining about how boring TV is and feeling bad that we don’t get enough exercise. But right now, as summer cools off and all the networks do their best to trick us into thinking we haven’t seen all their shows in a million different formats before, we delude ourselves and talk about “Must See Thursdays” and the like. There’s nothing wrong with delusion!

7. Shorter Days

I love being outside, but any excuse to stay inside and write is a treasure to me. Rain, sleet, snow? And of course the short days of fall and winter. Not to mention the haunting, autumn sunsets.

6. Sales
Black Friday

Black Friday is a hazard to your health. Very few times in your life will you see a highway at 4 AM backed up for miles. However, with the invention of the internet and Cyber Monday (which is slowly taking over Thursday, and hopefully Friday!) the deals offered post-Thanksgiving Thursday are easier than ever to score. Considering Winter doesn’t start until December 22, you can also find some nice Christmas sales this fall.

5. School

Maybe it’s because I live in an apartment complex and it’s annoying to see kids run around all day while I’m stuck writing content year round. Sorry kiddies, time for school!

4. Thanksgiving
Macy's Day Parade

Macy’s Parade, good and plentiful food, friends and family, beer, football, basketball, late afternoon naps encouraged even if your 23 years old–what’s not to love about Thanksgiving!? Less than a month after my favorite holiday, fall truly is the holiday season. Which brings me to….

3. Halloween Costumes
Penguin Jockey

Halloween is kind of a big deal, you might call it an obsession of mine. Nothing beats a great Halloween costume. Girls obviously have the opportunity to look beautiful but in the weirdest, most unexpected way possible. As a guy, I try to stock my costume with entertaining props. For instance, this amazing penguin jockey outfit allows you to “steer” your penguin with reigns as well as beat it (and anyone else you choose) if it gets out of hand.

I’m thinking of being a bug catcher this year. Yourself?

2. Halloween Specials

Combine my love of TV and Halloween addiction and you’ve got something beautiful. I love Halloween episodes so much I have already begun watching them. Look out for plenty of lists, reviews and recaps of dozens (and dozens) of my favorite Halloween specials.

1. Halloween.

It just takes the cake. Hands down the most atmospheric holiday around. All October their is cryptic, adventurous breath in the air as the streets wait to be flooded with armies of costumed kids. Big Halloween things going down at Stahr this month, so I’ll keep it breath: Halloween is the best thing about fall, period.

What about you? What do you dig about fall?


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