3D Movies Have Got to Go (and they are!)

In Uncategorized on 08/28/2012 at 13:54

Trends are a tricky thing, as George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Disney/Pixar are likely to find out over the next eighteen months.

In September of 2011, Disney re-released their 1994 classic The Lion King in theaters. To help promote the film’s Blu-ray release, the movie was converted to 3D. Disney’s plans were for a limited, two week run. Those plans changed considerably when TLK scored more than thirty million dollars opening weekend and clinched the number one spot at the box office. Those plans drastically changed when the movie went on to match that feat in its second week, and again a third time.


TLK 3D spent more than three months in theaters, earning ninety-four million at the domestic box office and an additional eighty-three million worldwide.

How could any self-respecting businessman walk away? Immediate plans were put into place for 3D re-releases of Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc and The Little Mermaid, three of which were scheduled for 2013.

Now here’s the trick.

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