“Telegraph Avenue” employs pricey, innovative marketing scheme

In fiction, writing on 08/13/2012 at 18:45

The Wall Street Journal reported that an Oakland bookstore will, for one week, be converted to a record store in order to promote Michael Chabon’s forthcoming novel Telegraph Avenue.

Read the article here.

The store, which will sell jazz records, is but one part of the quarter-million dollar promotional plan Harper Collins is employing.

Telegraph Avenue

The $250,000 budget is obviously a show of faith in literary star Chabon, whose seen varying degrees of super-stardom over his literary career, ranging from his debut novel The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, which began as a thesis project and fetched a legendary advance, to The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, recipient of the 2001 Pulitzer.

But it’s also a show of faith in literature, as Harper is banking on “Telegraph” to be a mainstream success, going to such great lengths as to recreate a setting from the novel in Oakland, not to mention the sizable advance a writer like Chabon commands.

Much more interesting, though, is the e-sampler and enhanced e-version for “Telegraph.” The e-sampler was a delicious treat, and full version looks to see a respected, literary writer fully embracing the varied scope electronic publishing has to offer.


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