Some poetry on a gray day

In poetry, writing on 05/02/2012 at 18:21

Charlie wrapped up his poem a day challenge on Monday, here are a few we haven’t posted yet.

On an island off the coast of Spain
the regional dish is a fickle cuisine
and the cost of dinner is exquisite pain,
remorse, indigestion and feeling bad
because the daughter of the entree–
that’s her father on the tray!
She’s serving you her familial meat.
Don’t drink the wine, however seeming sweet.

“Under the Eye of the Sun”
West with the red eye
we ride
with wide-brimmed hats
and cool intentions.
Cruel illusion of Rosewater on the distance,
another trick we play
to pass the time
and shake the fear
that all of us will die.

“Let’s Go to Moon”
There is an amusement park on the dark side of the moon,
with milk-white crater slides and, of course,
the Lunar Coaster.
I’d like to go, just a for moment or two,
because a moment alone with you,
before my breath escapes me
would be worth wherever
the depths of space
might take me.

“The Bitter, Fitting End”
On the road to nowhere,
rising up at the horizon
a swarm of hornets
descending out the field,
Their angry motors fill the air.
“Listen, friend, have a head start.
Make for the trees, I’ll meet you there.”
“Do you need a hand?”
“Just me and my gun,” just how it’s always been.
“It’s the child they’re after, the child they want,
slay the dragon, save the priness,
I’ll fend off the robots.”
Isn’t that the price we pay
for stumbling through our fiction
without paying attention?
Quick, reload, they’re behind us now,
coming up on your tail.
I’ve got you, friend, and in the bitter,
fitting end
we’ll see this through to nowhere,
falling down at the horizon.

Lined up the gold tile walls
bearing balloons and banners
and oaths of our new love.
This is the best,
this is the far end of death.
The sun framing your face,
wreathed in light,
you are a breathing sight for song-starved eyes.

  1. I really like “Under the Eye of the Sun” and “Let’s Go to the Moon”!

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