“Quotes from Last Night”

In TV, writing on 04/20/2012 at 14:54

Here are some good lines from last night’s “Community,” “30 Rock” and “The Office.” My review/recap of “Parks and Recreation” appears today on Please check it out here.

Abed Nadir

Community quotes

“Is this a social cue?” –Abed

“The Dreamatorium isn’t just for playing dinosaurs vs riverboat gamblers.” –Abed

“I use Hitler to win arguments on the internet.” –Troy

“I didn’t get Inception (weeping) I didn’t get Inception…there’s so many layers!” –Troy

“All we did in 2001 was over-validate Carson Daily.” –Annie

“Sounds like today was a game-changer for everyone. I almost sat on my balls, but at the last second I made an adjustment.” –Pierce

“I lied. I sat on them. Hurt like hell. I saw eagles.” –Pierce

Bobby Moynihan
30 Rock quotes
“Looks like I’m the boss now, Rob.” –Liz, as Brent

“It’s a colorful industry with a lot of fun characters.” –Jack, on the couch industry

“Kevin Garnett helped me move once.” –Jack

“All they teach [American engineers] is hwo to build roller coasters and Survivor challenges.” –Bobby

“Sent from one of my four iPads” –Jack’s iPad footer

“Kouch Town. Sit down or get out of the way.” –Kouch Town commercial

“Sorry Matt, but I’d like to talk about my next project, running through that window.” –Jenna

“Will you accept dancing as money?” –Kenenth

“These are from Mickey Rourke.” –Tracy
“No, Tracy, put them down!” –Jenna

“We’ll lie in one coffin, on top of each other, pelvis to face, for eternity.” –Paul

“I know how to get Avery Jessop home!” –tortured prisoner

“Life is happening.” –Liz

The temp
The Office quotes
“I actually sleep better in the rain.” –Phylis

“Hey-nah, hey-nah, my boyfriend’s back!” –Erin

“A lot of parents get frustrated and they shake the baby. Don’t do that.” –Ryan

“Kellie’s new boyfriend is great…if you’re into Indian people. I’m not.” –Ryan

“I’d rather she be alone…than with somebody. Is that love?” –Ryan

“Buffet operates the same way.” –Robert

“Take a man’s job, but leave him his balls. Margaret Thatcher said that, probably. I don’t know.” –Nellie

“Andy why dont you tell us about the best erection of your life. Does anyone have a really good erection they’d like to tell us about?” –Robert

“I almost didn’t come in today.” –Robert

“I’m the manager. I was personally chosen after Robert was chosen and quit.” –Andy

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