In poetry on 04/17/2012 at 12:59

April is poetry month, and our boy Charlie has been competing fiercely in the Poem a Day challenge. Here’s a few more.

She sleeps under a grated metal mouth,
air conditioner lullaby,
dreaming of swan dives into the deep end
and handstand ballet.
She lives in unfinished basements
casting silhouettes on damp cement,
making pirhouettes on the pool table
singing “flower, flirt, decay.”
She weeps in magic hollows
running makeup down her face
among butterflies and playing cards.
At least she knows the place.
She rules the Summer Kingdom
with a velvet fist, gloved in love letters
redolent of the first kiss
of the season you can’t shake.

“Something Out of Place”
A library of bad luck and doors to other worlds
stuffed onto six shelves,
the rest in boxes underground
beside thrown away car parts
and newspapers with Today’s Date:
November 1st, 1969.

Mom says she gone out with a friend again
for the weekend to the Cape
so my feelings remain not hurt
even though I’m 22
and divorce is old news.

There’s no room for me here.
I hate the dance around furniture
just to get to my desk
just to write this poem
about how I hate this desk.

‘Something in the way, mm-hmm.’
Something out of place. Mm-hmm.

“Don’t Borrow Money from Khal Drago”
Tomorrow I’m dead
and that’s the end of the world,
isn’t it?
Scraping my pipe for resin-relief,
praying I vanish before
they can find me
because the Khal don’t play that shit,
he know I can’t pay that shit…
the stars are falling, the moon and the earth
and the canopy called sky comes crashing down
with the fire of a thousand suns,
and I’m thinking “Fuck,
I should’ve just applied for a loan.”

Check for more from Charlie next week.


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