RECORDS REVIEW: Albums #45-41

In music on 04/16/2012 at 16:34

Eyyo good morning. My quest to unveil to you all my favorite records of all times continues.

45. “Contra” by Vampire Weekend


Vampire Weekend’s “Contra” is one of the most chilling, relaxing albums you’ll ever hear that manages to stay fresh and experimental throughout. Outside of the self-titled closer, there aren’t really any slow songs, and yet they all deserved to be played at a modest volume beach side while you sip on a Corona and lime. None of your neighbors will complain, either, because Ezra’s voice is just so sweet. Light up a joint, dawn your gaudiest sunglasses and get ready to slow dance all day.
HIGHLIGHT: “Horchata”, “Run”, “Diplomat’s Sun”

44. “The Ugly Organ” by Cursive

The Ugly Organ
“Our father who art in heaven, save me from the wreck I’m about to drown in.” It’s creepy lyrics like that (and far creepier) that set Cursive’s “The Ugly Organ” apart from other post-hardcore/progressive albums that claim to “tell a story.” Cursive’s album comes complete with intermissions, stage directions, reprises and the whole deal, but never collapses under the bit. It’s the songwriting that gets the intention here, songs that are heavy, loud and rooted around a full orchestra! Neat. PS “Gentleman Caller” is a song EVERYONE needs to hear before they die. Why not get it out of the way today?
HIGHLIGHTS: “Some Red Handed Sleight of Hand”, “Art Is Hard”, “The Recluse”, “Gentleman Caller”

43. “Enema of the State” by Blink 182

Enema of the State
First Parental Advisory CD I ever bought, and first of three classic pop-punk albums on this list. The production is a lot cleaner than the predecessor “Dude Ranch”, and the sound suffers somewhat for it, but Blink experiments with a mellower version of that Hi-C flavored punk on songs like “Mutt” and “Wendy Clear”, a sound that gets a little too poppy and overproduced on “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.” While none of Blink’s albums are bad (still haven’t listened to the new one) they definitely have stronger efforts, and “Enema” is right up there with the best of them.
HIGHLIGHTS: “Dumpweed”, “Going Away to College”, “Wendy Clear”, “Anthem”

42. “Eve 6” by Eve 6
Eve 6
This is a CD entirely overlooked in my circle. While the followup “Horrorscope” missed the list on account of being a little cheesy, Eve 6’s debut, which was penned mostly in high school, is an absolutely respectable release. 90’s classic “Inside Out” is everyone’s go to track, but there are songs equally as catchy and ones infinitely more interesting. It’s hard to pass off as a compliment, but Eve 6 plays alternative rock similar to The Calling, Lifehouse and The Fray, but they simply do it better, with a sexual, atheistic and comedic flare. There are also some truly classic rock riffs, as well as some strikingly tender moments. If you are a fan of Blink, Green Day or any straight up rock and roll band, you are doing yourself a great disservice not giving this self-titled disc a good listen. At least hit up the highlights.
HIGHLIGHTS: “How Much Longer?”, “Leech”, “Tongue Tied”

41. “Nimrod” by Green Day

“I see you, down on the front line…such a sight for sore eyes, your a suicide makeover.” On “Nimrod,” Green Day is funny. While I reserve my favorite Green Day album for a bit higher up on the list, “Nimrod” is by far their “best” album–they experiment with a dozen different sounds, while maintaining the garage punk swagger from their previous 4 albums, and nail it. It’s one of those albums that never bores you. To further the brilliance of production, weaker tracks like “Worry Rock” or “Take Back” are consequently just over 2- and 1-minute, respectively, making them more effective. Basically this is the punk album of our generation. Forget “American Idiot” and whatever other trash this band has been forced to make to remind America that they have been around since 1994 and deserve some god damn respect. The fact that “Good Riddance” is the most popular song on the CD–a great song, no doubt–proves not many people have given this ambitious album the close-listen it deserves.
HIGHLIGHTS: “Hitchin’ A Ride”, “Redundant”, “Scattered”, “Jinx”, “Prosthetic Head”

5 more next week suckers.


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