AXL ROSE Ultimate Fail

In music, Uncategorized on 04/12/2012 at 19:31


Axl Rose, pictured above in fetching white booty shorts, not only declined to appear with the original incarnation of Guns n’ Roses for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (shocker), he actually requested he not be inducted. In fact, he implied legal ramifications if he be included in the ceremony in any way.

Which leaves me saying….uh, what?!

Axl explained himself, sort of, in a lengthy letter to fans.

I’ll be short and sweet. I get it. I mean, I’m not GnR fan, but I know there’s a history with Axl in the guys that’s not exactly pretty. But still, dude, it’s the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I realize it might not carry as much of a punch as it once did, what with the ceremony being just another clunky VH1 special, but what it represents is still the same, and Guns n’ Roses will be rubbing elbows with the absolute greats.

Now, like I said, I get why he doesn’t want to perform, and hell, I get why he doesn’t want to be there. But to actually decline induction? How does that serve anyone? I know you are happy with current lineup Axl, but they didn’t start the band. The guys who started the band are going into the hall of fame and you’re not. And in ten years, guess whose the only person who’s going to be bummed out about that? You bro.


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