ENTERTAINMENT UPDATE: The Hunger Games loses director, Amanda Bynes nails DUI

In Uncategorized on 04/07/2012 at 15:57

Amanda Bynes finally joined the ranks of Lindsay Lohan in 2007 and Lindsay Lohan, again, in 2007. Bynes did it with aplomb though, actually plowing into a marked, on duty police car just after 3am. It was only a few months ago Bynes was pulled over for texting while driving, a scene she sped away from…we all eagerly await the All That stalret’s turn in Playboy! Here’s hoping she gets a more lenient Judge than Trudy.

Judge Trudy @ All That

In unrelated news, Hunger Games director Gary Ross dropped out of the sequel Catching Fire, which I imagine is scheduled for release next weekend. There is little more to the story than Ross admitting the second and third books kind of suck and that filming another Games would be repetitive (kind of like the book). While Ross’s shaky camera has thus far characterized the Hunger Games series, fans can take solace in the fact that similar franchises Harry Potter and Twilight shifted directors roughly every act.

Possibly more concerning is the fact Jennifer Lawrence will be shooting the X Men: First Class sequel in direct succession with Catching Fire. Lawrence is a gifted young actress with an opportunity to take about any role in existence right now. Her biggest faux pa would be over exposure.

In the meantime, go rent Good Burger and Winter’s Bone, respectively. Bynes aint in Good Burger, but come on, it’s classic.


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