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In poetry, romance on 04/04/2012 at 17:23

Figured we’d get the ball rolling on some content here at Stahr Magazine. Here’s a song from Alek’s Records band Takkun’s Great Adventure, and a poem from our very own Charlie Sullivan.

This song was recorded with the help of Jimmy Welsh, and is a cover of the classic The Cure tune “Just Like Heaven.” It was recorded as a Valentine’s Day present.

The following is a poem written by Charlie after his request for a raise was declined.

“Love in the Unemployment Line”
I saw you pinching pennies,
pretty fingers painted gold
and green—the color of money, honey,
that verdant gray the girls all scream for.
I rubbed my thumb between two fingers
indicating “more,” a frequency I’m fond of.
With white skin like a blank check
you bring empty hands up to your neck
and hold on for the handout:
I’ll give you everything you’re wanting,
vacation days, benefits…that big, fat
holiday bonus.
Let’s get out of here, let’s take a cab halfway,
let’s just get drinks and tip like
9%…because I see in those eyes
worry about the future
so all I’m asking is, your rent-controlled one-room apartment
or mine?


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