Sunday night: A Clash of Kings

In Game of Thrones, TV on 04/03/2012 at 00:07

For a precious few Sundays, forget about your your worries and your cares, kick back and enjoy the TV: last night both AMC’s “The Killing” and HBO’s “Game of Thrones” premiered their second seasons, while BBC’s “Frozen Planet” continued its American run. The bad taste “Killing’s” cliffhanger left in the audience’s mouth last season showed up in some sagging ratings, but the 2-hour premiere was fire–but more on that later (in the week), and there’s nothing to be said about “Frozen Planet” that isn’t much, much better seen (in HD if you can swing it).

So turn your attentions to “Game of Thrones” whose near-perfect Metacritic score was besmirched earlier by some bozo at The New York Times who cites the lack of a main character as the reason for GoT not breaking into the mainstream. Good call bro.

True enough, with the absence of Ned Stark, season 2 (based off George RR Martin’s second novel in his epic-fantasy series A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, A Clash of Kings) finds its leading men and ladies in all corners of Westeros. John Snow’s noble push into beyond the Wall continues, where the Night’s Watch uncover a disturbing truth that ensures our lovable bastard will not be seeing his half-siblings again anytime soon, if ever (you know Catelyn don’t give a shit if he returns).

Tyrion Lannister, the biggest midget on TV, schemes like we’ve never seen him scheme before (previews of upcoming episodes promise even more scheming!), not to mention delivering the best one-liner in the series so far, “You can smell cum from the balcony?”

Dany Targaryen, meanwhile, continues messing around on Essos, some unknowable distance from the main stage of Seven Kingdoms, but Emilia Clarke is as ethereally beautiful as always, and this time she’s got dragons. Oh yeah, dragons. Other than schemes and clashing kings, season 2 of GoT promises to be all about the dragons.

“The stars don’t fall for men,” Osha tells the crippled Stark in Winterfell. “The comet means one thing boy, dragons.” If this cryptic call wasn’t enough to spice things up in the North, it looks like Bran is turning into some kind of psychic. I think a 9 year old would prefer legs, but future sight aint half bad.

The episode had some gratifying Cersei scenes too, including the sassy regent punking Littlefinger, then slapping the shit out of a particularly grating Joffery.

Overall a great start to the second season. Meanwhile, this critic tearfully awaits the return of Nymeria…the thought of that poor little pup wandering the woods of Westeros alone is too heartbreaking to handle!

Tune in next Sunday for a recap of episode 2.

—Aleks Records


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